Scott Scott has been building rods for close to thirty years. In that time they have earned a reputation for producing smooth casting fly rods of exceptional quality and durability. Each and every Scott rod is handcrafted by a team of craftsmen who are anglers themselves. Scott rods have a characteristic feel, but with specific actions that differ according to their application - Neither extremely stiff-butted, or so soft in the tip that line control and accuracy are sacrificed. The Scott G2, and Fibertouch rods feature the famous internal spigot ferrule, so that the diameter of the blank does not change thus resulting in a "truer" action. This is certainly more expensive and more time consuming than the overlap ferrule system used by most other manufacturers, but its part of the Scott difference. Another important design factor is that Scott flex rates all it's blanks to ensure all it's rods have consistent action, again a time consuming and expensive process that results in a lot of blanks being rejected, but as graphite varies considerably, this ensures that their rods don't! Over 70 models are offered in two, three, four and five-piece rods.

Another very interesting tidbit of information about Scott rods is that they are painted with a pine tree pitch based paint that is cured using UV radiation. This is very different from most other manufacturer painting processes which use automobile paints that are baked on the rods. The reason for the difference is that Scott feels that by using the pine tree pitch base paint they are helping conserve our resources as there are no harmful by products from the process or in the products used.

Each factory rod comes complete with a cloth sock, deluxe tube, and a LIFETIME UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY.

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Buy on-line or talk with a knowledgeable fly fishing specialist:

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