Winston At Winston, we refuse to compromise and have a true passion for doing things the right way. Since 1929, we have made not only the most innovative fly rods, but the most beautiful. Pick up a Winston, and you'll be holding a rod with a flawless finish, precisely aligned guides, a perfectly formed grip, and a reel seat made from the finest components. Fish with one, and you'll experience superior performance, as well as the remarkable feel that comes from a rod that's lightweight, balanced and smooth. We know that anglers have many fly rods to choose from, but when the goal is to own the finest, there can only be one.

At Winston, it amazes us how many fly rods are simply designed to cast long distances, while ignoring attributes like close-in performance or the ability to handle a variety of lines. A lot of fast action trout rods, for example, just won't load at distances under 30 feet, where the vast majority of such angling takes place. Fish a Boron III X 4-weight, however, and you'll experience a fast-action rod designed to load and make presentations at shorter distances. Moreover, it is also capable of making long casts when needed. The result is a rod that fishes as well as it casts, a description that holds true for every fly rod we make.

No matter what the material, Winston rods set the bar for the category and then some. This is true for our remarkable and groundbreaking Boron rods, which provide unmatched performance for every fresh and saltwater angling situation. It is true for our classic bamboo rods, which offer the kind of performance and craftsmanship that you'd expect from a company with 87 years of cane experience. And it is true for our Nexus rods, which combine innovative all-graphite performance with Winston feel and smoothness. Boron, Bamboo and Graphite. Whichever type of fly rod you're looking for, when it's a Winston, it's the finest rod you can own.

Buy on-line or talk with a knowledgeable fly fishing specialist:


Buy on-line or talk with a knowledgeable fly fishing specialist:

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