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We work hard and fish harder. All of us at Michael & Young love what we do because what we do, is what we love… fly fishing.

Michael and Young was founded in 1985 on three basic principals: Service, Quality and Commitment.

Based on this simple structure M&Y quickly became one of the top fly shops in Canada, and in fact, North America. Offering an unparallel line of quality equipment, coupled with a staff of fly-crazed individuals, M&Y has, and always will, push the boundary's of not only the sport, but what a fly shop can and should be.

No questions are too out there, and no requests to wild. Please always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. You will find fast courteous service from knowledgeable staff.

Call Us – 604-588-2833 Toll-free – 800-663-6407

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