Pacer Technologies (Zap-A-Gap)

Pacer Technologies (Zap-A-Gap) Pacer Technology®, also known as Super Glue Corporation, manufactures a variety of adhesives and bonds that are recognized for their strength and performance. Among its industrial grade product offerings are cyanoacrylates, threadlocking and threadsealing compounds, epoxies and silicone sealants. From its signature Super Glue to some of its more industrial grade adhesive selections, Pacer is sure to deliver top notch products that last. Chemical Concepts carries a variety of Pacer’s adhesives and related products.

Pacer Technology is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance glues, adhesives, epoxies and sealants sold to consumer, automotive, cosmetic, hobby, and industrial customers. Our company's guiding values include Integrity, Quality, Performance, Innovation, and Growth. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships that we enjoy with our suppliers and customers; thanks to these relations, we remain a leading and innovative company for nearly 50 years.

When it comes to premium glues, adhesives, epoxies, and sealants for Do-it-Yourself, Professional, and Industrial applications, we have set the standard for excellence. We manufacture proprietary formulations, which deliver superior performance and application properties in every product.

Paired with our incomparable commitment towards innovation and technology, our products are formulated to provide safe, effective and environmentally friendly solutions that are efficient, durable, long-lasting, strong, and essential to countless applications and customer segments; offering a full line of products formulated to deliver the best possible performance for any given project. So strong they can suspend a car in the air, gentle enough, to be applied to the skin and adhere fingernails.

Pacer Technology glues, adhesives, epoxies, and sealants have been engineered to fit our customers' needs, they are used in diverse products such as automobiles and cell phones, to fine china, collectibles, crafts, and model planes/trains. We excel in curable adhesives, cosmetics, epoxies, and pressure-sensitive tapes, we continue to refine our original technologies and complement them with breakthrough formulations developed internally and by other AC Marca businesses.

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Buy on-line or talk with a knowledgeable fly fishing specialist:

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