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Partridge of Redditch As the name implies, Partridge of Redditch has its origins in Mount Pleasant, Redditch, Worcestershire. Both the town and the district were renowned for specialist metal work for generations, needle and hook making in particular. Partridge can trace its origins back to 1836, when a young Edwin Partridge was apprenticed in Needle Pointing and Blueing. This started the family tradition in hook-making and our records show Albert Partridge working for Wm. Bartleet & Sons in 1901, taking over the Crescent Works Redditch in 1930, and incorporating A. E. Partridge & Sons in 1933.

In the early days Partridge manufactured hooks for brands like Army & Navy, Farlows, Hardy Brothers, and Ogden and evolved by the 1980's and 90's had become one of the leaders and innovator of some of the most advanced hook patterns that the industry had ever seen; many of them still available to this day!

Since then our focus has remained on quality, consistency, and industrial production in combination with innovative developments that had characterized the past thirty years.

Fly tying materials and techniques have moved on in leaps and bounds so hook patterns have also evolved, we are proud to offer the best hooks we have ever made to anglers in all disciplines internationally.

Partridge of Redditch looks forward to the continued support of fly- and sport- fishermen the world over as we enter a new phase in the company's history.

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Buy on-line or talk with a knowledgeable fly fishing specialist:

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