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LOC Wading Welcome to the new wading experience.

Little did we know that our journey into the wading business started that day in early June, 201. On a rock by the river Orkla in Norway. Frustration over waders that didn't deliver on their promise slowly turned into action and with decades of fly fishing and wading experience, a big chunk of common sense and a wide-open mind, we went off to see if we could make a wader that we wanted. One that we could trust to keep us dry and comfortable longer than any other wader out there.

Call us naive, but how hard could it be? For years breathable waders have been the weak link in our tool box.

Rods, reels, fly lines... well pretty much every other piece of equipment in our toolbox is up to scratch and delivers. Sadly, waders are not. And we are pretty sure that you, like us, have had fishing trips disrupted and maybe even cancelled due to waders that didn't deliver on their promise. We believe this ends now.

We decided to challenge the status quo and try to develop a wader like no other.

Were we the only ones in the entire wader industry that had concluded that breathable membranes weren't the best material to use in waders? Or had the established wader brands already tried alternative ways and it just wasn't possible to find a better solution?

Call us crazy but here had to be another way!

After an eternity of research, material sourcing, endless discussions with factory engineers, tailors and designers, we went off and made out first prototype.

After over five years of tuning, testing and abusing our prototypes in real fishing situations, we had came to a point where we believed that we had managed, and even surpassed what we sat out to do. In 2021 the time was here, we released our waders to the market.

But our biggest challenge is still ahead. We know how good our waders are. That they deliver on all our goals. But it's one thing to talk the talk... Now we start a journey that will put us and our waders to the test for real - to earn your trust. Although our waders look like ordinary waders, with two legs and an upper part with a zipper, they really are like no other.

So, when you jump into a pair of LOC waders for the first time, do so with an open mind and you will experience a pair of waders that will embrace you, that will feel light on the body, that will keep you warm and above all - will keep you dry.

Anyway, if you have read this far and still are interested in our waders, feel free to follow our journey on instragram and facebook.

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Buy on-line or talk with a knowledgeable fly fishing specialist:

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