Stillwater Fly Fishing Weekend 2023 - RUDDOCK'S RANCH, ONION LAKE Course Details

Stillwater Fly Fishing Weekend 2023 - RUDDOCK'S RANCH, ONION LAKE Course

Four days and three nights of stillwater fishing with Michael & Young Fly Shops, Ryan Heitz.

Join Ryan at Ruddock's Ranch for some great food and a weekend of discussing and implementing some different strategies for catching rainbow trout in British Columbia's vast Stillwater fisheries. 

Floating lines and Indicators, floating line "naked", intermediate lines and sink tips in shallow water, fast sinking lines including boobies and blobs, fast sinking lines and deep water chironomids. All of these stratefies will be discussed and demonstrated. as well as anchoring tips and strategies on how to approach a new lake and a new day. 

Using the Ruddock's Ranch "Off The Grid" Lodge as our "home" we will be spoiled with great meals and a beautiful place to relax and learn. All food and non-alcoholic beverages are included. We will be pampered in a 4700 square foot, two story lodge with 3000 square foot deck overlooking the lake.  The lodge is close to Lytton, BC approximately 3 and 1/2 hours away from out Surrey store.

Starting Friday afternoon and running through to Monday afternoon. 

$990.00 plus taxes per person.

Wild rainbows. . .anyone that has had the opportunity to fish Ruddocks know that these fish fight hard!  Smaller ones give a 10+ acrobatic performance across the surface while the big ones pull hard so be ready! (We usually find a couple of rods in the lake in the fall from fisherman not paying attention).  The food is abundant in the lake and the fish can grow fast – up to 2 lbs. a year. Bring with you: micro leach, olive damsels, bead head leach, pumpkin heads, chronomids: copper head, snow cone and red rib copper head to name a few.

IMPORTANT!   Electric motors only, no gas motors allowed.  Fly fishing only, catch and release, barbless hooks, use fish friendly nets (nets available for rent).  Please handle fish with care, keep them in the water and release them once they have had time to recover.  Please ensure you have a fishing license. 


  • Students require basic fly fishing skills.
  • a minimum of one complete fly fishing outfit 4-7 weight with a floating line and sinking line. Even better if students have one of each of a floating line outfit and a sinking line outfit.
  • A boat! I can arrange rentals for you at $60.00 per day.
  • Appropriate apparel for the weather.
  • Maximum 11 students.
  • Cancellation: notice must be given 21 days in advance to receive a refund. After that a refund will be given only if we can fill the reservation.


4 days and 3 nights


Priced Per Person  

1 - $719.45

Available Course Dates

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