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Cliff Outdoors Cliff Outdoors is a family owned business located in Casper, Wyoming that designs and manufactures unique practical outdoor gear. Our current product line is geared to needs of practical fly anglers. In the future you will also see some really cool stuff for practical outdoors enthusiasts.

Some will tell you that Cliff Outdoors was started by the urging of a group of friends that liked some of the "stuff" I had been building. We all had a similar fishing style and they appreciated the utility of my designs. I would argue that it all started because of a small room in the basement of my grandparent's home in Goshen County, Wyoming. The room was filled with fly rods, Winchesters, and the tools to take care of them. My Grandpa was an incredibly handy guy that liked things on the practical side, and I inherited a little of that from him. In his "gear room" you could feel the potential for outdoor adventure. That room drew me like a magnet and it was there that I first started learning that having the Right Gear at the Right Time has a direct impact on the opportunity for outdoor success.

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