Hedron Flashabou Original Fly Tying Materials

The original metallic tinsel flash.

Hedron Flashabou Original
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Flashabou Original

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Flashabou is the original metallic tinsel flash for fly tying and lure making. Made of soft mylar strands, Flashabou has brilliant light-reflecting properties and a lifelike movement in the water. Perfect for salmon, steelhead, pike, and saltwater flies as well as jigs, spinnerbaits, and bucktails. The fish love this stuff!

  • 1/69" wide strands
  • 10" in length
  • 1700+ strands per pack

  • Warranty

    Rating Level: 50%
  • Action

    Rating Level: 75%
  • Craftsmanship

    Rating Level: 75%
  • Value

    Rating Level: 25%

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