Wapsi UTC Ultra Wire Fly Tying Materials

An excellent choice for adding weight, durability and colour to a variety of fly types.

Wapsi UTC Ultra Wire
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UTC Ultra Wire

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Wapsi UTC Ultra wire is a non-tarnishing copper-based wire used for ribbing, weight, flash, dubbing brush wire and as a body component on nymph and streamer patterns.  It is the essential material needed for tying nymph patterns.

Flies can be tied completely out of Ultra Wire if you desire. Wrapping two different colors of Ultra Wire together can make a banded, segmented body.

  • X-Small: is the size to choose for ribbing on size 20 or smaller.
  • Small: is an all-purpose size capable of filling many fly tying needs.
  • Brassie: is an ideal choice for wire bodied flies sizes 18-22 and for ribbing on most trout sized flies.
  • Medium:  is a good choice for ribbing on size 8-12 nymphs.
  • Large:  is a popular choice for streamers and/or large stonefly nymph patterns.

  • Copper-based
  • 5 sizes: X-Small, Small, Brassie, Medium, Large
  • Various colours

  • Warranty

    Rating Level: 50%
  • Action

    Rating Level: 75%
  • Craftsmanship

    Rating Level: 75%
  • Value

    Rating Level: 25%

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