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The IS is certainly designed with elegance and functionality in mind. The spool has a large arbour for quick retrieval and a large, smooth palming rim allowing for everything down to the lightest touch of drag.

Islander Precision Reels IS (Islander Steelheader)
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Islander Precision Reels
Islander Precision Reels
IS (Islander Steelheader)

Islander Steelheader Centerpin Reel Gold

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The IS (Islander Steelheader) is a purist centerpin reel for the avid steelhead fisherman. It offers a free-running spool which enable long casts and smooth drifts for more hook-ups. It has an engageable two-way clicker which prevents line over run while playing your fish. A large diameter spools enable rapid line retrieval. It has a number of improvements from its popular predecessor, the Pacific Steelheader. These include a redesigned spool with an enhanced palming rim surface, a fully machined reel foot, and through-bolted, serviceable handles (like other Islanders). Mastering a reel like this rewards you with the ultimate experience of playing a fish on a fine centerpin reel.

Like all Islanders, Steelheader reels are built to take abuse. A thick aluminum frame and spool with a large stainless steel spindle give the Steelheader a very solid reputation. While taking on a 35-pound chinook is not its intended use, you can. Also, there is no need to convert from the left-handed to right-handed retrieve because of its ambidextrous design.

  • Bearings - The Steelheader runs on 2 ABEC 3 shielded stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Click Drag - If desired, it provides a slight drag when engaged. The clicker also prevents line from spooling off between uses.
  • Free-spool Button - Completely disengages the clicker for free-spool operation and casting.

One piece spool and frame machined with the same techniques and materials as Islander's fly reels. Stainless steel spindle. Precision stainless steel ball bearings. Clicker drag system or free spool operation with frame side control. Large diameter spool for fast line retrieve. Palming rim on spool. Engraved serial numbers on frame. Available in gold or polished black anodized finish.

  • Warranty

    Rating Level: 50%
  • Action

    Rating Level: 75%
  • Craftsmanship

    Rating Level: 75%
  • Value

    Rating Level: 25%

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