Rio Products Skagit Max Short Fly Lines & Accessories

For anglers using switch rods and shorter spey rods and for tight casting situations the skagit max is the best choice.

Rio Products Skagit Max Short
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Rio Products
Rio Products
Skagit Max Short

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225 Grain
300 Grain
625 Grain

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Price: $79.99 $USD
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  • Ultra-low stretch core for the best in casting and fishing sensitivity
  • Powerful front end casts fast sinking tips and large flies
  • Welded loops for fast rigging 
  • ID printed rear loop for fast head recognition: attach this end to the shooting line

  • Warranty

    Rating Level: 50%
  • Action

    Rating Level: 75%
  • Craftsmanship

    Rating Level: 75%
  • Value

    Rating Level: 25%

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