Hareline Dubbin Krystal Flash Fly Tying Materials

Krystal flash adds a unique flashy looks to flies

Hareline Dubbin Krystal Flash
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Hareline Dubbin
Hareline Dubbin
Krystal Flash

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Krystal flash is an amazingly versatile flashy fiber material that has been around for a long time and continues to earn our respect day after day, year after year. Krystal flash is great for wings on a steelhead or salmon fly or as a topping. You can use single layers as a topping on wet flies for salmon and steelhead or tie a half dozen strands of gold or blue metallic Krystal flash instead of the traditional turkey wing on high floating skating Muddlers.

Standard, good forever Krystal flash is available in over 40 colors.

Krystal flash has different variations including UV Krystal flash, and metallic Krystal flash, and fluorescent colors of Krystal flash.

Standard Krystal Flash
Come in a large variety of specific colors and are semi translucent.

Metallic Krystal Flash
Comes in a solid color with no translucent properties thus providing excellent flash

Florescent Krystal Flash
Colors are simply brighter than the Standard Krystal Flash color options as well as being semi-transparent.

Ultra Violet Krystal Flash
Comes in standard colors yet has ultra violet reflective properties as well as being semi translucent.

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