Pitt River, BC Trip Details

Pitt River, BC Trip

A 45 minute drive from Vancouver coupled with a 35 minute boat ride; there lies a watershed that has hardly felt the influence of modern society. The upper Pitt River is a far cry from its turbid southern cousin, the lower. A glacier fed medium sized river, the upper Pitt has a feel of utter remoteness.

Only the excellent fishing challenges the sheer beauty of the area. As with most coastal river the fishing can be quite seasonal, relying on salmon and steelhead returns. However the upper Pitt does boast a strong resident population of Dolly Varden, Bull, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout to make for excellent fishing at any time of year.

The Steelhead runs are all wild and arrive late in the season (end of March Through April), this makes them quite receptive to the fly. Each fish is precious and must be released unharmed after pictures have been taken.

The end of July finds sockeye entering the river in huge numbers. These fish are the largest for their species in the world (often exceeding 10 pounds). Along with the Sockeye come the Chinook salmon (10 to 35 pounds). Although targeting these beauties is forbidden, they are quite the sight to see as they make their way up river.

Sea run Dolly Varden (2 to 10 pounds), Bull trout (5 to 13 pounds) and Cutthroat trout (1-½ to 5 pounds) enter the river through June awaiting the Sockeye and the upcoming bonanza of fish eggs. These fish are eager biters and quite aggressive.

Towards the middle of October wild Coho salmon enter the river in substantial amounts. These fish are silver from the sea and ready to tussle with the avid fly angler. Aggressive and full of fight, these fish are some of the only remaining true wild runs of Coho left in the lower Fraser River water shed.

Jet boats are required to access this river. This, coupled with the run up the lake leaves the river with almost no fishing pressure. It is truly a gem of a river that is easily accessible with in a day from Vancouver.

Maximum: 1-3 persons

Starting Costs from: $1500,00 + $75.00GST = $1,575.00



  • all fishing gear
  • 8+ hours fishing
  • jet boat
  • guide

Not Included:

  • fishing licenses
  • lunch 
  • accommodations
  • gratuities


8+ Hours


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